Monday, June 13, 2011

Patent Application of the Day

Someone filed a patent application on "Godly Powers."  Here are claims 1-3:

1. Godly powers are being used on planet Earth. For example, technology (i.e. Electronic and Medical) is being assisted by godly powers throughout the planet. Godly powers could be used prior, during, and after godly product/procedure. For example; Before--in the making of a device, like a micro-processor chip. During--in the operation of a device, like an inkjet printer cartridge. Afterwards--like gradual scar removal from breast implant surgery. A magician might perform magic before, during, and after, for any given trick ("illusion").

2. There is a plan governing our existence and actions--God's plan.

3. Christopher Anthony Roller is the godly entity powering Earth with godly powers as stated in claim 1.

Good news:  I checked the PTO's public PAIR database, and following (surprise!) a rejection of this application on every ground imaginable, it has been abandoned.  Great work, PTO!

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